Felkvir, also known as Spjotramn, Noreyverr, Omani'Cul-hruan, The God of Sacred Battle, The Battlefather, Spearlord and The God of Hunting. 

One of the two main gods of Vir, he values courage, integrity, pride, dignity, and honor, and is often portrayed fighting the autistgod Jchallenged in mortal combat wielding a spear. Followers of the Spearlord are often warriors, hunters and sometimes soldiers. They will follow the teachings that are carved along the walls in ancient structures known as 'Suiednatr' temples, which can be traced back to the first followers of Felkvir. Once fully initiated, new aspirants in the Felkvirian Fellowship will be taught the ancient ways of the 'Sacred Battle'. 

Skenar Spearmaster1

A Felkvirian spearmaster prepares to do battle.

Felkvir is immensely powerful, being one of the two gods of Vir that was conceived at the breakdown and rebirth of Remaestnecir - The Shroud of Quiet as it once was.

Even though his passion and main powers focus on the cultivation of a warrior society and other ideals that are more foreign to the other god of Vir, they are not disconnected. In fact, parts of the wild passion and pleasure that Aluvir and his followers bring into the realm is often seen as a good/healthy thing to engage in and for encouraging superior Felkvirian, and Virian genes, to pass down. 

The Sacred Battle Edit

As Felkvirian legend has it, when the Shroud of Quiet was broken it was thought to be broken by a furious roar that bellowed throughout the newly formed Ryviria (a few other non-Felkvirian legends also mention a loud moan following the roar for some reason)... Common belief holds that the roar is still inspiring strength to all Skenar even to this day, but had quieted down over time to allow future Skenar in turn to make their own roars of defiance and ferocity against the 'evercrawling darkness'. Warrior society is extremely ancient on Vir, and as a result ancient traditions around honorable combat has been ingrained into the culture.

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